Meet Our Team

The Sentara-EVMS Cardio-Obstetrics Center is a specialized healthcare initiative designed to provide comprehensive care for pregnant individuals who have pre-existing or newly developed cardiovascular conditions. Our multidisciplinary team is composed of experts in obstetrics, cardiovascular medicine, cardiovascular surgery, anesthesia, genetics, neonatology, labor and delivery nursing, and care coordination.

The program will be led by Dr. Gloria Too, EVMS Maternal Fetal Medicine Division Director and Dr. Petra Lynch, Sentara Cardiology. The other EVMS team members are: Dr. Lindsay Robbins, Dr. Jerri Waller and a full-time nurse practitioner/patient navigator.

Maternal Fetal Medicine Division Director:

Gloria Too, MD
Gloria Too, MD »

Sentara Cardiology:

Petra Lynch, MD
Petra Lynch, MD »

Team Member:

Lindsay Robbins, MD
Lindsay Robbins, MD »

Team Member:

Jerri Waller, MD
Jerri Waller, MD »