Program Objectives

There is a national call to provide comprehensive, multi-disciplinary care for pregnant women at risk of cardiovascular complications. While some Cardio-Obstetric programs exist in major cities, none provide a clear multi-disciplinary approach within a 250-mile radius of Hampton Roads. The Sentara-EVMS Cardio-Obstetric program will address this gap, focusing on clinical care, research, and education.

The program includes a monthly joint clinic with EVMS Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Sentara Cardiology, along with a monthly meeting to create, review, and update patient care plans and expand educational topics to give residents and fellows an in-depth understanding of cardiovascular disease in pregnancy.

Our objectives include the following:

  1. Improve outcomes for pregnant women with complex cardiovascular diseases through coordinated care and early intervention when necessary.
  2. Reduce racial disparities in the delivery of high-risk pregnancy care for pregnancies involving cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Reduce the cost of care through an evidence-based approach to pregnancies with complex congenital heart disease.
  4. Enhance research collaboration on pregnancies with cardiovascular diseases by collecting program data.
  5. Continuously monitor and report health-related outcomes over time.